Realm Energy Vendor Qualification Testing


The purpose of this test is to pre-qualify vendors to participate in the national roll out in Malaysia.


Test Location

Universiti Putra Malaysia.


Documents Required for Import Clearance


1) Brochures for complete BPL System (modems, couplers, masters, repeaters, etc.)

2) Certificates of conformity for ALL individual components

3) Specifications for ALL their individual components

4) Proforma Invoice for all items brought into Malaysia


Equipment to be Provided

Qty (12) voice enabled CPE’s (six in each building)

MV and LV masters, repeaters, slaves, couplers, cables, connectors to comprise complete kit to meet

Proposed solution.


Grid Characteristics

See Attached UPM Grid layout in PDF format.


Narrative of Pilot

Vendor shall supply hardware, software, cables, and supplies necessary to install and operate a two (2) BPL cells on feeder number #3 and feeder #5.


Qty (6) CPE’s to be installed in Siswazah building and Qty (6) CPE’s to be installed at the ITMA building.


Note the Grid map only shows MV cables.  All are underground.  LV cables are underground and within 300 meters of Substation.


Pictures of Building circuitry, buildings, substations and MV /LV cables to follow.


IBS MV Substation


ITMA Building Near Kaca Substation


LAMA Substation


Rumah Kaca Substation


Rumah Kaca Building


Siswazah Apartments


Siswazah Meter Room


Siswazah Substation