This page provides photographs and specifications for the Pilot BPL project to be constructed in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia for ElectroNet, as part of a national rollout.

These Photographs are of parts of the Pilot Project area

Smaller version of these photos are Here

Pilot Project Specifications is here for convenience.

  1. Pole Mounted Transformer No. 240

    Note: This transformer is for reference only, it is not a required part of the pilot project

    Transformer is mounted on the Pole. Breakers are to the right with MV incoming and outgoing cable on each side. MV Cable feed down, then up right hand pole to transformer. LV cables lead down from transformer to distribution panels directly below transformer.

  2. Pole Mounted Transformer

  3. Distribution Panel

    Note multiple incoming LV cables per busbar due to high current. Outgoing LV cables fused at 400A per phase.

  4. Distribution Panel

  5. Distribution Panel

  6. LV Substation No. 46177

    Note: This transformer is for reference only, it is not a required part of the pilot project

    Some of these units are located next to buildings and are then usually protected by a gate. Others are on open ground. Breaker Unit to the right. Transformer is attached to and behind the panels on the left. MV Panel is right hand of ther 3 doors. Open door is to LV side.

  7. MV Panel

    MV Panel, showing space for couplers.

  8. LV Distribution Board

  9. LV Distribution Board

    Central coloured tags lead back into the transformer directly.

  10. MV Breaker Unit

  11. LV Unit @ Dossary Mall

    Unit is inside Mall, with doors leading directly to outside.

  12. LV Room

    Showing Linked MV Breaker units (Tee offs) in foreground, transformer to right and distribution panels in background. MV In/Out are to each side of Breaker, with one MV cable leading to each transformer.

  13. Back of dedicated transformer

    Showing possible space for equipment if needed.

  14. MV Breakers

    Showinf Front of MV Breakers. Second transformer to left rear.

  15. LV Distribution Panel

    Outgoing LV cables are fused at 400A.

  16. LV Distribution Panel

  17. LV Distribution Panel

    Doubled black cables to left are from transformer.

  18. LV outputs

    Showing LV cables coming from dedicated transformer.

  19. Peak current meter

    Showing peak current per phase (in 000A, red line is at 2000A)

  20. LV Meters

    Cables come in from below from Transformer room, through a breaker and meter to terminal block. Armouring covers cable from top of terminal block to roof.

  21. Circuit Breaker

    Large Circuit Breaker for outputs of dedicated transformer.

  22. CT Meter

    CT Meter showing readings for dedicated transformer.

  23. Dossary Mall front

  24. Dossary Mall corner.