FBC believes that quality, unbiased advice cannot be guaranteed if the advisor sells products of, or receives compensation from, equipment providers.  As such, we have not, and will not receive compensation from equipment providers whose equipment we recommend.

Provide our clients with unbiased, commercially driven solutions to the Last Mile Dilemma.

About Us...

A Global Service Company
Fiber Bridge Communications, Inc. ("FBC") is dedicated to providing our clients with unbiased, commercially driven solutions to the Last Mile Dilemma in venues around the world.  Our client list includes U.S. and foreign governments, power utilities, aerospace/defense contractors, and telecommunications companies. 

If you have a resource which you believe can solve the Last Mile Dilemma, and you want to determine if you can unlock the value of this resource in this marketplace, FBC is the company that can help you.  We perform the initial feasibility studies and work with you through the operational stage of the project.  In addition, if requested by you, and supported by the business case, we will take an operational and/or equity interest in the project.

FBC was founded by James Valle in 1998 to meet the needs of fiber optic network developers.  While responsible for capital acquisition for multi-billion dollar projects he placed an emphasis on economic viability and organizational capabilities.  His thoughts were that technology can be readily proved or disproved by laboratory and field trials but the successful operation of a communications company depended on the business model and the managements' ability to deliver on the customer value proposition.

During his competitive analysis for global fiber optic networks, Mr. Valle realized the industry was outpacing demand and predicted the fiber optic industry surplus two years ahead of its realization.  He began developing unique business models which unlocked the value of these long-haul networks via co-opetition among local access network providers in the major telecommunication markets around the world.  Over twenty countries expressed interest in this breakthrough business model which is still in development today.

Realizing the access networks were the key to unlocking the value in the fiber optic long-haul networks, Mr. Valle began researching and advising clients on implementations and competitive strengths and weaknesses of alternative access network technologies.  Such technologies included free-space optics, gigabite RF, WiFi, satellite, xDSL, cable, and broadband over powerline.

FBC has continued its growth through unbiased, honest assessments of the clients environment and business opportunity.  In addition to our business consulting, we have tremendous strength in our technology assessment via our professional staff and alliances around the world.

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