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Working technology is only a partial measure of success.  Economic viability, including customer value perception is the true test of success.

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Our goal is to provide worldwide coverage of the events and regulations related to broadband over powerline technology, telecommunications, and the Internet.  Here you will find the latest recaps and links to these exciting events.

FCC Adopts Part 15 Changes to Support  BPL Technology
On October 14, 2004 the FCC issued a Report and Order (FCC 04-245) adopting changes to FCC Part 15 Rules encouraging the deployment of broadband over power line technology. According to FCC Chairman Michael Powell, "The technology behind BPL is both fascinating and revolutionary."... More

FCC and FERC Claim BPL is a Boost to Homeland Security
In both FERC and FCC issued statements released on October 14, 2004 FCC Chairman Powell and FERC Chairman Woods stated that BPL  technology holds the promise in improving the provision and management of electric power systems, homeland security, and protecting vital elements of the Nation's critical infrastructure...More & More